Are Teachers Essential Workers?

Who is an essential worker? In 2019, most people would have answered something like, “healthcare workers and first responders.” In 2020, there were other categories of essential workers that were recognized as absolutely critical such as grocery store cashiers, delivery workers, and sanitation department workers.  What about teachers? Are they essential workers? This April, the […]

Why Do We Interview Teachers?

Why is it that when we hire teachers (and most other professions), we interview them? Will the interview process help us understand how they interact with a classroom of students? Will asking questions about practice actually teach us about their practice? A quick google search reveals the “five most common teacher interview questions” are: Why […]

Why Pay Teachers More?

One of the first things we understood even before beginning to research the challenge in recruiting and retaining Jewish educators is that there is no silver bullet. There are multiple reasons that more talented people are not entering the field of education (something we covered in a previous post), but one of the most obvious […]

Not Much and Everything

Often in our initial meetings with people, we encounter the question, “what is TalentEducators doing that others are not?”  The answer is: not much and everything. I’ll get to the “everything” in a bit, but let me explain what I mean by “not much.” TalentEducators is intentionally built as a thin organization with few employees […]