Not Much And Everything

Not Much and Everything

Often in our initial meetings with people, we encounter the question, “what is TalentEducators doing that others are not?” 

The answer is: not much and everything.

I’ll get to the “everything” in a bit, but let me explain what I mean by “not much.” TalentEducators is intentionally built as a thin organization with few employees in order to invest resources in talented educators and formal and experiential institutions. We are not looking to reinvent the wheel or create new educational institutions, new teacher training programs, or new mentorship projects. Instead, we are searching for the people who are already doing these things well. We work to understand the services they provide and the people to whom they provide them. Once we identify excellent providers in different fields, we partner with those organizations.

That’s where the “everything” comes in. Even though we recruit new talent into education, we are not simply recruiters. Even though we match between educators and educational institutions, we are not simply headhunters. Even though we help fund educator training programs, we are not simply funders. Even though we offer first-year mentorship, we are not simply mentors. Even though we facilitate geographic cohorts of first-year educators, we are not simply facilitators… The list goes on.

We are a one-stop shop. We are streamlining the process of marketing, recruiting, matching, training, and mentoring within Jewish education. We have connections to multiple key institutions in many fields and are creating a system that flows naturally from one process to another. This also means that TalentEd educators are exposed to a global network of institutions and not solely the local or recognized ones. Therefore, educators receive bespoke training while schools, camps, and Jewish centers are introduced to candidates who otherwise would have been outside of their reach. Looking to the future, we are busy working to provide even more perks to help retain our TalentEd educators.

Ultimately, TalentEducators is working to attract new talent to the field of Jewish education and to ensure that excellent educators are prepared and supported so that they can inspire the next generation… because that’s pretty much everything.

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