Educators and aspiring educators apply through our website, indicating their preferences for formal or informal education, location, student ages, along with uploading their resumes. After educators apply, we set up an interview to better understand the educator’s strengths. 

Following a vetting process, we match our accepted educators to an appropriate position within one of our partner educational institutions. The candidate then goes through that institution’s internal hiring process. Once an offer is accepted, TE will step back in to support that candidate through funding for mentoring and professional development. We additionally provide a community of support through a TE cohort during the first year of employment.

Passion for Jewish education is key to success in the field. That said, we encourage you to study and gain background knowledge in classic Jewish subjects such as Tanach, Talmud, and Jewish texts before applying, as we have not had success in placing educators with little to no Jewish knowledge or Hebrew.

Absolutely. If you are a veteran teacher looking for a new position, we can help.

TE supports our educators in a variety of ways:

  • Matching our educators with the appropriate educational institutions with open positions
  • Support through the hiring process: editing candidates’ CVs, preparation for the interview and model lesson, and advice throughout the negotiation process.
  • Funding for professional development directly related to the educator’s individual needs
  • Funding for on-the-job mentoring
  • Facilitation of a cohort of TE educators to create community

Our positions change as they are filled and new opportunities arise. Generally, our positions range from preschool to adult education and from day schools to community centers.

We work with all educational institutions both formal and experiential — anyone who delivers Jewish content, such as Torah, Talmud, Navi, Jewish History, Hebrew language, and Israel education. This includes but is not limited to preschools, day schools, Jewish community centers, Hillels, supplemental schools (UK cheders), synagogues, charities, non-profit organizations, youth movements, and adult education.

At present, we are working with educational institutions in the US, Canada and across the UK. The locations change as job openings are filled and new opportunities arise. In the US, the positions are generally in the contiguous 48 states and in the UK the positions are in the areas around London and Manchester.

We are looking for any educator who can deliver Jewish content, regardless of religious background. Educators who can teach subjects such as Torah, Talmud, Navi, Jewish History, Hebrew language, and Israel education are welcome to apply. There are, however, many positions that will require the educator to be of Jewish heritage — ultimately this is up to the hiring institution.

We work with all levels of Jewish education — from preschool through adult education — formal and experiential.

While we are looking to bring new talent into the field of Jewish education, we work with many seasoned educators as well who are looking for a new position or to relocate.

No, TE is not the employer. TE has relationships with hundreds of educational institutions and helps match educators with those institutions. The employer (and the hiring process) is ultimately through the institution itself.

We believe that in order to be successful in a new position, educators may benefit from professional development tailored to their specific needs. To this end, TE helps fund professional development for our newly placed educators*. That said, if an educator and the institution they are working in do not feel the need for professional development, TE does not have any mandatory training requirements. 

*While TE strongly believes in professional development for all educators, we can only provide funding for our newly placed fellows.

The main requirement is a passion for inspiring the next generation of Jewish learners. Different positions have different education requirements, in the US though almost all require a high school/secondary school diploma. Some positions require a Masters or PhD in Jewish education, though this varies from position to position. In the UK, although an undergraduate degree and teaching qualification is desirable it is not essential in all institutions.

Yes! If you are passionate about Jewish education, we have partnerships with multiple educator training programs. Once you are placed, we can help you find the right one to fit your needs.

TE does not work with educators to help obtain visas; however, there are several educational institutions who will work with the individual educator in order to obtain a visa. This process is lengthily and needs to be started at least 4 months before the start of employment.

We work with teachers who deliver Jewish content such as Torah, Navi, Talmud, Jewish History, and Hebrew. At this point, our mission does not include English language teachers.

At this point, we only work with teachers who deliver Jewish content such as Torah, Navi, Talmud, Jewish History, and Hebrew/Ivrit.

Yes! You are the perfect candidate for TE to support joining the field of Jewish education.

We are looking for any educator who can deliver Jewish content, regardless of religious background. Educators who can teach subjects such as Torah, Talmud, Navi, Jewish History, Hebrew language, and Israel education are welcome to apply. There are, however, some positions that will require the educator to be of a certain religious denomination.

Our application form helps us understand who you are and how best to match you with the open positions available. Understanding not only your education and experience, but also your preferences such as location and age level are very helpful in our process.

Since TE is not the employer and since the positions are filled and arise on a regular basis, there is no set salary for the positions we match our educators with. The salaries are commensurate with job requirements and range from entry-level positions to high level upper management positions. Ultimately, it is up to the hiring institution.

Our model is to recruit Jewish educators wherever we can find them! Therefore, if an educator is Israeli and is interested in teaching in one of the countries we work in, we absolutely help them match to the appropriate institution. That said, the majority of our fellows are local to the country they teach in.

Great question. You can read more about that here.

No. TE is a non-profit organization whose mission is to bring new talent to Jewish education. There is currently no charge for educators or educational institutions.


אנחנו מחפשים בכל העולם היהודי נשים וגברים שיש להם את הכישורים להוות השראה חינוכית יהודית לדור ההמשך. באופן מעשי, אלו צריכים להיות אנשים שיכולים ללמד תכנים הקשורים לעברית, יהדות, ציונות וכד’ במסגרות פורמליות ו/או בלתי פורמלית (תלוי במשרה).

תהליך המיון כולל הגשת מועמדות, שליחת קורות חיים, ראיון אישי ושלבי מיון נוספים. 

לאחר המיון, ובהתאם לנתוניך אנחנו עמלים על חיבור בינך לאחת או יותר מהמשרות הקיימות אצלנו במאגר. 

בשלב זה, המוסד החינוכי שהציע את המשרה יקיים תהליך מיון משל עצמו.

אם תוצע לך המשרה, נשמח לממן קורס או הכשרה מותאמים לכישוריך וצרכיך. המטרה היא לעזור לך לצאת לדרך עם מיטב הכלים והתמיכה להצלחה. 

במהלך השנה הראשונה, גם נשמח לממן מנטור שילווה אותך לאורך השנה הראשונה מתוך מטרה למקסם את הצלחתך.

מועמדים עם רמת אנגלית ממוצעת או אפילו נמוכה אך רמת העברית גבוהה, יכולים להתאים למשרות של הוראת עברית או כל הדרכה הקשורה לעברית, ציונות וישראל. יחד עם זאת, חשוב להבהיר שההחלטה הקובעת נתונה, בסופו של דבר, בידי המוסד המגייס. יש מוסדות שיקבלו רק מועמדים עם אנגלית ברמה גבוהה, יש מוסדות שיסתפקו ברמה סבירה ויש מוסדות שיראו ברמת האנגלית של המועמד נתון לא רלוונטי למשרה.

לצערנו אין לנו יכולת לסייע בהשגת ויזת עבודה. יש מיעוט בתי ספר ומוסדות חינוכיים אחרים שמוכנים לקחת על עצמם  סבסוד וארגון ויזת עבודה אולם כאמור זה לא נעשה דרכנו. חשוב לציין שגם כאשר המעסיק מסייע בענין יש להתחיל בתהליך מוקדם ככל האפשר ולכל הפחות ארבעה חודשים לפני תאריך תחילת ההעסקה על מנת לסיים את ההליך המורכב בזמן