Caring for the Caregivers

The transition from in-person to online learning necessitated by COVID-19 had many implications, including detrimental effects on student mental health. Precisely at an age when social interaction is crucial for development, lockdowns separated students from their peers. This separation, in addition to academic concerns, generated stress and anxiety in children. During this challenging period of […]

A Delicate Balance

Guest blog post by Tova Messer, TalentEducators Fellow According to Breisheet, when God created the world, the land was “unformed and void, with darkness over the surface of the deep and a wind from God sweeping over the water . . .” (Genesis 1:2).  As a teacher of Judaic Studies to second and third grades, […]

Lifelong Learning in the Midst of a Pandemic

Guest Blog Post by Naomi Levy, Jewish Studies Teacher at Yavneh Primary School At TalentEducators, we recruit talented people to the field of Jewish education. Our main focus is bringing new people to the field and finding them the right positions for their unique strengths. In order to ensure the success of these matches and […]

Learning is Bigger than our School Buildings

Guest Blog Post by Sharon Freundel Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks z’’l writes in his book Lessons in Leadership, that “Jews became the only people in history to predicate their very survival on education. The most sacred duty of parents was to teach their children … Judaism became the religion whose heroes were teachers and whose […]

Why Would You Go Into Teaching?

By: Yael Harari, TalentEducators Chief Operating Officer “I guess since you teach high school students, you must know something about your subject.” “You went to Columbia, so why are you teaching?” “You know, my daughter who is incredibly smart also decided to become a teacher, and she could have done anything. I am still not […]

How Do We Teach Grit?

By: Rabbi Aharon Assaraf, TalentEducators North America Regional Director In my years of teaching in Jewish schools and camps,  I’ve often encountered the question: “How do we teach grit? How can we model grit?” Well, the short answer – the year 2020! What exactly about this past year has allowed us to grow in our […]

Starting from “Together”

Guest Blog Post by Jane Taubenfeld Cohen I have the privilege of working directly with many school leaders throughout North America.    As we look through the lens of the future, we see the vaccine arriving and herd immunity a true outcome in the next six to nine months.   As we look deep inside today and […]

Education is the Silver Bullet

Guest Blog Post Danny Stone of Antisemitism Policy Trust One of my favourite shows of all time is the West Wing. For those that haven’t seen it, the series follows the trials and tribulations of White House staff as they govern and seek to continue running America. The reason I enjoyed the programme so much […]

Are Teachers Essential Workers?

Who is an essential worker? In 2019, most people would have answered something like, “healthcare workers and first responders.” In 2020, there were other categories of essential workers that were recognized as absolutely critical such as grocery store cashiers, delivery workers, and sanitation department workers.  What about teachers? Are they essential workers? This April, the […]